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Maya Davis, the main protagonist in Beyond the Horizon

Maya Davis

Ensign Maya Davis has dreamed of space exploration from a young age, although she's never quite gotten over her fear of a dark. Maya is an optimist and an engineering nerd who loves gadgets, perhaps because her allergies compelled her mother to buy her bots instead of animals for pets as a kid.

After graduating as a part of the first class of the new Interstellar Expeditionary Force (IEF), Maya earns a commission aboard New Horizons, humankind's first ship capable of traveling to other star systems.

When not at her post on the bridge of Horizons performing her operations liason duties, she yearns to know how her mother died, information her secretive aunt, Brooke Davis, refuses to share with her.

Brooke Davis-Sommerfield, the supporting protagonist in Beyond the Horizon

Brooke Davis-Sommerfield

Seventeen years ago, grievous events forced Brooke to adopt her niece, Maya.

Together with her husband Kevin Sommerfield, she raised Maya as her own.

When the ISC chancellor discharged Brooke from the Defense Force and barred her from ever piloting an aerospace craft, she turned to teaching flight simulation courses.

As a government-contracted civilian flight instructor, Brooke schools new pilots, weeding out students who can't cut it in a star fighter.

Upon receving a strange message from Shin Saito, she's faced with a difficult choice. She can either visit Maya one last time before New Horizons departs the solar system or skip the goodbye and head to the Martian south polar ocean to prevent her niece and the mission from suffering a tragic fate.

Brooke's desire to find her way back into a real cockpit is superceded only by her need to protect Maya.

Shin Saito

Never without his lucky flat cap, Shin is a member of the Vril, a secret organization bent on manipulating the political and economic infrastructure of the solar system to save mankind from itself and a powerful extrasolar threat. Having decided the Vril have gone too far, Shin seeks Brooke's help to help expose the organization.


Eve is one of the first cybernetic humans, an android with the neural structure of a human. As the Vril's chief field agent, she seeks to forward their agenda. Not much is known about who she was before she went 'droid.

Kevin Sommerfield

Seventeen years ago, Professor Kevin Sommerfield invented phase (faster-than-light) propulsion and communications technology. These feats earned him the nickname "Modern Einstein" and helped the professor rise to the director of the Solar Science Society, humankind's main technological research and development institution. He cares deeply for his wife, Brooke, even though she can be a pain to deal with sometimes.

Danuwa Ajunwa

Despite having aged beyond the century mark, Danuwa Ajunwa is still working on perfecting her tennis backswing. Ajunwa rose from the position of UN Secretary-General to become the IntraSolar Commonality (ISC) Chancellor, the leader of the united human race. Due to events seventeen years ago, Ajunwa and Brooke don't get along.


An exochild rescued by Brooke with extraordinary abilities. Zeke is a member of a powerful race of exobeings.

Josephine (Jo) Ryder

The spunky Ensign Jo Ryder graduated from the IEF Academy with a specialty in history. As her best friend, Maya can always count on her to recite a historical quote appropriate to the situation.

Erik Maxwell

The mild-mannered Ensign Erik Maxwell is a young man of few words. He prefers to let his piloting skills do the talking.

Trevor Young

As the top graduate of the ISC Defense Academy, Ensign Trevor Young hails from a military family, a born soldier. As Maya's chief rival, she must learn to somehow get along with him.

Abigail Byrne

Abigail Byrne is the mayor of Star City, the biosphere aboard New Horizons that serves as a full-fledged city in space. Byrne's stubborn streak compels her to take actions she believes are in the best interest of the New Horizons mission.

Xiaoqing (Xi)

Xi is Shin's agreeable sister, although she was anything but docile before the Vril rewrote her personality for protesting the ISC.

Takashi Katayama

Mr. Katayama is a wealthy and powerful businessman and also Maya's estranged father.

David Reed

The level-headed Captain Reed commands New Horizons, mankind's first interstellar starship.

Tess Gibbons

Gibbons is the skipper of Nautilus, the second IEF-class starship, and someone from Brooke's past.

Alistair Hamilton

ISC Councilman Hamilton is a member of the oversight committee sent to govern the New Horizons mission. Faced with death at 140 years of age, he has his neural structure grafted onto a cybernetic brain and assumes an android body in order to fulfill his dream of accompanying the New Horizons mission.


Bob is an artificially-intelligent program that achieved sentience and disappeared seventeen years ago.