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Below, you'll find a list of the terms found in the novel that don't fit into any of the other encyclopedia categories.


A downshift is the part of a phase shift when a physical object exits hyperspace through a wormhole into normal space-time.


Acronym for faster-than-light. FTL, phase shifting (or just shifting), and post-luminal are synonymous terms.


Common slang in the twenty-third century used to describe something in a positive manner. The twenty-first century equivalent would be awesome or cool. Often, the word "too" is used in conjunction with "fused" to express that something is "too fused."

Interstellar Expeditionary Force Patch

Interstellar Expeditionary Force (IEF)

The IEF is a branch of the ISC devoted to scientific exploration and first contact with exospecies beyond Earth's solar system. Established in the spirit of centuries-old space agencies like NASA and the ESA (and not altogether dissimilar from Starfleet in Star Trek), the IEF standards apart from ISC Defense (the military), although IEF graduates receive the same basic training as Defense soldiers. From a political standpoint, the IEF represents the new unified humanity that has set aside war and reduced poverty and crime to all-time lows. Eventually, as the ISC approaches utopian status, the IEF is supposed to replace the military--if ISC Chancellor Ajunwa has her way. The IEF vs. ISC Defense debate is a hot political topic and a subject of animosity between members of the two organizations.

IntraSolar Commonality Patch

IntraSolar Commonality (ISC)

The former United Nations. Seventeen years ago (at the end of book 1), all nations and colonies joined to form a united human government, the IntraSolar Commonality (ISC), after banding together against an alleged extrasolar threat. The UN secretary-general at the time, Danuwa Ajunwa, was elected as the first ISC chancellor and has remained in office. Ajunwa coined the name of the unified government structure to give each and every ISC citizen of the solar system a sense of togetherness and equality.

ISC Defense

The military branch of the IntraSolar Commonality. When the ISC was formed, defense funding from every nation-state and colony was devoted to establishing armed forces to defend the solar system in case of another extrasolar attack. ISC Defense absorbed all UN military outfits, including Aerospace Defense. However, individual nation-states and colonies are still allowed to maintain their own defense institutions.

Phase Shift(ing)

A phase shift is the act of traversing a wormhole into or out of hyperspace, which effectively allows a physical object to travel faster than light, relatively speaking. An upshift refers to wormhole entry while a downshift refers to wormhole exit.


An upshift is the part of a phase shift when a physical object passes out of normal space-time, through a wormhole, and into hyperspace.